Understanding Consumer Insight

Businesses would spend a lot of money just to find out what makes their customers tick. This is because knowing how a customer thinks and what they think can help with big decisions made in the company. A clear example would be if you know what your customers want then that is what you will be producing and your customers in turn will purchase this.
The basic understanding of Consumer Insight is that it connects customers to brands and with this connection it can easily influence and drive action, purchase, recommendation and trends.
It's often used in marketing and oftentimes it is even considered as the most basic of marketing. Customer Insight is having a deeper understanding of how your consumer’s think, how they feel and what they believe in. If you can connect to an emotional level with your consumers then you will be able to understand what is important to them and you will be able to easily incorporate that to your products and services.
Some companies aim even aim to have a deeper connection with their customers so much so that they want the consumers to feel and believe that the companies have a deep understanding of them and that these companies understand them. When this relationship is developed between consumer and product it is easier to predict how consumers will behave when it comes to spending their money. Developing a deeper relationship with consumers is a very effective marketing strategy. Having a positive consumer attitude towards a brand is often a marketing objective that is only met when you are able to understand consumer insight.
There has been a large importance that has been placed on consumer behaviour so much so that there are even job titles dedicated just to understand insight. Examples of these are Consultants and Researchers.
Some even believe that Customer Insights is the new paradigm when it comes to Marketing Science and Strategies.
Here are some examples:
Inspirational Consumer research is defining why a consumer uses a particular product. While Emotional Insight is defining how a consumer feels when they are using the product. Intensity Insight determines the satisfaction that a consumer feels when they use a specific product. Intensity Insight can also mean the insight that focuses on what the brand promises the consumer and whether this promise is achieved.
There are many ways to find out about customer insights, surveys are a very good and basic example of finding out about purchaser insights. In these modern times a tool that most companies are using now is social media. That is why companies are investing in having the best social media possible. Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account has helped a lot of companies improve on their products and marketing strategies. Although this can also be considered as a double edged sword since Social Media can also be used to tarnish the reputation of a company or a product. That is why investing in a good Social Media for your company or product is very important as it is a good way to take advantage of consumer insight. Visit our homepage for more info.