Things to consider while acquiring customer insight

Expecting a business to be reaching the heights of progress without considering consumer insight does not make any sense. Without satisfying a costumer’s demands, you can never see your business reaching a higher level. In fact, the best strategy of marketing is to centre the business around the consumer-base and fuel it up with consumer research.

“Mr. Mohanbir Sawhey speaks of insight as the new paradigm of modern marketing”

Gaining insights is basically an analysis of how the customers perceive a certain product. In a sense, consideration of consumer insights maintains a connection between the brand and the customers. So, with all this been said, it becomes necessary to involve the perceptions of customers, while making a business promotional strategy or simply designing a new product. In this way, the brand succeeds to impress upon the customers that their demands / requirements are well-understood and given the highest priority while designing a product or service.

However, collecting and interpreting the insights is the main part of the deal. It doesn’t always need reasons to maintain a fact but psychological impressions, intuitions and creativity; all required to develop a perfect customer insight report. Following is an account from Octopus on all essential parameters that should be considered while collecting market research:

Inspirational insights:
This parameter of determining customer insight defines the reason, why a customer wants a certain product. Obtaining this kind of insight is very important as it serves as the basis of overall consumer behaviour. Knowing the reason behind a customer purchasing a certain product, gives a vague idea of what that particular person wants to have in a product of its kind. For example, if a woman buys a lipstick of a certain brand; the reason behind her choice can be found out by putting a question in front of her. She may say that it makes her feel lively or it has that perfect glow she needs or even because she thinks that lipstick perfectly suits her skin type.

Emotional insights:
This parameter defines the feeling that encompasses the customer after buying and using a certain product. It basically determines the way, a consumer feels after using the product and a keen analysis in this area can really help devise effective marketing strategies by involving similar feeling-inducing tactics. For example, if a customer opts for a red lipstick then it may be due to the appreciation she receives from her husband after applying it on. So, in a nutshell emotional consumer insights add a lot to the build up of a marketing strategy.

Intensity insights:
Lastly goes the intensity insights category, which majorly deals with the level or degree of satisfaction, a customer has with a product. For instance, the woman using the lipstick of ‘X’ brand may be fully satisfied, partially satisfied or unsatisfied with its. So, in this way, the number of customers having a similar opinion can be correlated with the features in a product and a new product with a new promotional strategy may be designed.

All the parameters mentioned above should be considered in order to strike upon an overall effective consumer insight based on likes and dislikes of the customer base.

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