Improving your Presentation Skills Training: Keeping Them Interested

Have you ever experienced a time where you worked so hard on your presentation, you thought about each part and really put your heart and soul in it, but can’t seem to get your audience’s attention? Do you know the feeling when you know that you have a groundbreaking idea, but can’t get it across because the people are just not that interested? Not being able to present your proposals well can be detrimental to your career and even your job. That is why it’s important to have presentation skills training so that you can be able to show your ideas effectively, and keep your audience interested as well.
Through presentation training, you are able to learn how it is to become an effective speaker. They can be able to teach you to make your speech more interesting and flavorful so you can captivate your audience and make them pay attention to the ideas that you are presenting them. By keeping them interested, you can make your job and position in the company even more secure, even increasing your chances of a promotion.
Presentation skills courses teach you to be “present”, to be right there in the moment of your meeting. The audience has to be able to feel you with them, to know that you have placed your heart and soul into this presentation, and that you want them to see how much you believe in what you are saying.
A key technique that is taught in presentation skills training by Octopus is that you should be able to transform your lecture into a conversation. This makes it more interactive and gets your audience, whether it may be your fellow colleagues or the big bosses of your company, more engaged in what you’re saying and make them pay attention. Just their attention to your presentation can make or break your career.
Here are other tips from presentation skills training expert George Torok :
Be interactive with your audience. You should entice them by asking their opinions about certain things, and being open to questions about your presentation. Even if you might find contradicting ideas in what they’re showing you, just allow these ideas to surface and clear them up as you go along the way. That way, your audience will find you more believable and make you more credible in their eyes.
Make eye contact with your audience. This is one of the basic skills taught in presentation training. You have to make your audience feel like you’re talking straight to them, making them more likely to listen to what you’re saying. It would also be very helpful to be aware of what’s happening in the audience. You can make comments if someone’s sneezes or if someone’s phone rings, even just to inject a little humor in your presentation.
Through presentation skills courses, you can learn to keep your audience interested and make them listen to what you’re saying. Presentation skills training can give you the confidence you need to make or break your career. Visit the Octopus homepage for more information on presentation skills.