Elements Covered By Presentation Skills Training

What are the elements covered by Presentation skills training from Octopus?

Presentation skills training are an important means to help you develop your communication skills. Following is the enumeration of all significant factors that are considered by presentation training programs.
1. Short and concise. A presentation that is short, brief and ‘to the point’ is more appreciated by the listeners rather than a presentation, which is way too long. Remember that people extract time from their daily routine and they would not be pleased on listening to long, boring and irrelevant speeches. People give their precious time to your presentation and you have to make it a count.

2. Using speech as a conversation. Don’t make your presentation a ‘one sided’ communication. Rather proceed with it as a conversation between two parties. How would it feel, if you were listening to a lecture and that too a boring one with no contribution from your side? Obviously it would be really tiresome, and neither the speaker nor the listener would enjoy it. If you want to make your presentation skills more resourceful, you have to make your presentation a sort of ‘Two sided’ conversation or at least, keep asking questions now and then. Presentation training can help you with this as can presentation skills courses.

3. Technical Support. For enhancing your presentation skills training, you must be fully coordinated with the technical support; for example, speak up at the right time for a slide to appear and if you insert a bit of music, it must sound at the right time. You can arrive before time for the presentation training of your technicians.

4. Never go with bad openings. Whenever you are starting your speech, keep in mind that you must not start with the following sentences:
• Hi, today I am going to present speech on the topic…..
• Before I begin
• Thank you for that kind introduction
• Hi, how is everybody
These types of openings are old, boring and unpleasant to be heard by the ears. Rather go for some unique openings like starting with a question or introducing humor in the start of your speech. Presentation skills courses teach us the same thing. This makes the audience attentive and your confidence as a whole boosts up.

5. Never read the prepared slides. If you want to exasperate your addressees for the next few hours then the best way is to read your slides rather than explaining it to them. This is the worst thing for destroying a presentation. You must be prepared for each and every slide on which you are going to speak and you must not read the slide. You can get preparation through online presentation skills training provided by Octopus Analytics.

6. Make your presentation a good source of information. People want to get amazing and some unusual information, if you are going with the same mode of information like a lecturer gives to his/her students then you are likely to be hit by rotten eggs and tomatoes. You may include few amazing facts or few ridiculous questions which could be asked to the audience. For a detailed understanding you may register for presentation skills courses.