Consumer Insight in relation with business progress

A business’ progress depends upon a number of things like the quality of products it offers, the price range, different packages it publishes; however, the most important factor that determines a company’s repute and progress is the customer insight.

Customer insight is basically a term that refers to the behavior of consumers towards a certain product or package and how they perceive it. Before marketing a product, it is highly recommended to investigate; whether it will be accepted by the customers. The marketing of a product should mainly be concerned with the attitude, requirements and demands of the target customers. For example, if a product is designed for a certain group of individuals, say for youngsters, then prior to its launch, the extent of their inclination towards it should be well studied. What is even more important is to incorporate such patterns in a product’s design that would certainly attract the concerned group of individuals. Following are some of the ways of analyzing consumer insights that are equally fruitful in terms of business progress.

a. Designing a product while keeping in mind consumer behaviour:
The first and foremost progress marker in business is to design a product that best meets the requirements of the customer base. Prior to launching or even manufacturing a product, surveys and researches should be made to find out the needs of people. Once, the consumer research is gained, different provisions must be given to the product to satisfy customers’ requirements. Moreover, the design of the product should essentially focus on the turns-on of the target market. Keeping an eye on the changing needs and issues of the target market is very necessary as it gives the directions on how to shape the product ultimately. Consumer insights can be collected through analyzing databases, doing face to face surveys, creating polls to find out their preferences and several other ways like studying the purchase patterns of products. Later, these insights can be fed to the manufacturers, engineers and designers so that they will stick around them while designing the product.

b. Marketing that syncs with customer insight:
Once, a product is designed and manufactured, the next step that follows is the marketing. Marketing of the product, prior to its launch, should exactly be in a way that the customer base wants it to be. Marketing schemes should be such that they appeal the primary, secondary and tertiary target markets in the maximally positive way. This may include, interactive product launch programs, proper media involvement, attractive hoardings and banners and most of all education about the features of product. So, basically the customer behaviour should be synchronized with the marketing pattern.

c. Development of specific consumer insights prior to launch:
Pre-launch marketing campaigns also make a big difference in the success of a product. The more emotional and recreational connection you make with your customers, the more are the chances that your product’s sale would make a milestone in the records of your brand. It is very important to enlighten the customers about different provisions of the product that are just satisfying their needs. Creating a sense in them that the product is designed just by keeping their demands in mind is the best way of stirring them up to buy it. Visit to find out more about how Octopus can help your business.