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Octopus is currently:

helping clients get the most out of their Insights function and their investment in information.

helping clients excel at value-orientated insight generation.

delivering bespoke training courses on how to present without PowerPoint.

launching an exciting new digital archive through - collecting and sharing snippets of day to day life in the UK

  • Presentation Skills Training

    Presentation Skills Training. I think we all recognise that PowerPoint is increasingly associated with ubiquity and mediocrity and that the really impactful and differentiated story-tellers are using other ways to make their messages memorable and engaging. If you are still leaning on that Microsoft crutch then I challenge you to try...

  • How Consumer Insights can help your Business

    To be successful a business only needs to do 2 things well: 1) Make the right decision and 2) execute it perfectly. If you do that you will be successful and if you do not you will probably fail. Perspective and relevant consumer insight that provide genuine direction to the business are at the centre of both of these objectives.Octopus was created on 6 January 2011 to help companies make sense of all that wonderful information they have at their fingertips and to use th...

  • How does consumer insight help model promotional tactics?

    How do we effectively manage our trade spend? In the last 6 months Octopus has met with over 100 different organisations and there is clearly one dominant topic at the front of everybody's mind. For the average company a 5% increase in trade promotion efficiency will increase profitability by c.10% but after a decade of trying to bring spend under control nobody seems to be having much success - every year trade spend continues to grow.

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